About us

About Us:

Egypt Activity Company is one of the companies of the Horizon Egypt Travel Group, and with the continuity of success and gaining customers’ trust, the company’s tourism activity extended to various tourism activities within the Arab Republic of Egypt

Egypt Activity also has a highly trained team working 24 hours a day to ensure the provision of the best services and customer convenience.

250 thousand customers: Since its inception, Egypt Activity has succeeded in gaining the trust of customers and creating an entity referred to as one of the pioneers in the tourism market in Egypt. Egypt Activity has provided more than 250,000 customers during the past 10 years with various tourism services characterized by quality and luxurious service.

The company includes a group of competencies in various fields

Egypt Activity Company specializes in the field of tourism at all levels of entertainment, culture, and medical tourism.

We believe in applying the concepts of quality management and comprehensive knowledge. We develop the services provided, and this gives us the ideal opportunity to continue and compete. We work on technology management for the benefit of our goals

Our Mission

Providing a comprehensive tourism service with international concepts and standards within a safe and attractive environment. We succeeded in achieving the mission through:

  • Study the requirements of our clients.
  • Providing all the necessary capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Continuous development of services.
  • Offering various offers to suit all clients.

The value

The development, training, and teamwork team is the ideal and best solution to provide services to customers with all that meets their needs and aspirations

Our Vision

  • We support honest and professional competition.
  • Show Egypt in an honorable and decent way to the Egyptians and the world.
  • Training and continuous improvement of team skills.
  • Permanent innovation and renewal in the ways of providing services.

The quality

  • We seek to reach a position commensurate with our expertise and capabilities so that our company is able to compete globally.
  • Contribute to revitalizing and increasing the demand for the Egyptian tourist market.
  • We serve our clients with the belief that it is the optimal and long-term investment.
  • We work to provide integrated programs and services at competitive prices and high quality.


We plan to be one of the major leading companies in the field of tourism and hotel owners in Egypt and the Middle East, Egypt Activity

Egypt Activity and its team are committed to providing the best services and distinction to its customers by implementing the company’s policy and the slogan “work for your comfort and enjoyment” through the following:-

  • Establishing successful long-term relationships with all those working in the tourism field to provide all customers’ needs.
  • Continuous development of the company’s security systems to maintain customer data
  • Ensuring job stability for the work team
  • Develop a long-term and short-term action plan with continuous follow-up to ensure its implementation with the highest efficiency
  • Professionalism: customers are at the forefront and in priority, and taking care of them is an imperative duty
  • Studying the requirements of our customers, and providing all the necessary capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers. Continuous development of services to provide various offers to suit all customers
  • Balance: Building balanced relationships between the business parties in the company that take into account the interests of the employees and founders, and that is the real guarantee of the company’s success and continuity.
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