Oasis Cruises

Oasis Cruises

The sea oases are one of the most beautiful places in Egypt in terms of excitement, excitement, tranquillity, and enjoyment of spectacular views that you don’t see anywhere but there
Marine oases are located 400 km from Cairo with the most beautiful nature reserves within them such as the black desert, Mount Dust, and the scoop, Mount English.
There are many archaeological shrines from the 26 Pharaonic families discovered in the early 20th century.
The White Desert, located 200 km from the sea oases, was 80 million years ago part of the sea and then the water receded with wind and sand and sculpted the most beautiful natural images that human eyes can see in Egypt.

Day 1:

– Hotel accommodation and lounge (Hotel Palace of Baweti or HOT SPRING and Di Sweetest Hotels in Oasis) which are of a distinct environmental character
– Then move with Land Cruiser for a meal (my meat, soup, vegetables and Warz salads) in one of the distinctive restaurants
– After eating the meal, move by car inside the oases and visit the natural areas (Lake – Pyramid Mountain – Dinosaur Area and Tani excavations the world’s largest dinosaur
– Visit Mount English
– Then the culmination to one of the hot therapeutic carbonaceous eyes (meaning we work our account in Mayohat) Iowa Mayohat
– Return to hotel and dinner (text of chicks – soup, vegetables and Warz salads)

Day 2:

After eating breakfast at the hotel move to start the ultimate safari
– The white Sahara region through the Dions region
– Black desert area
– Volcanic Rock Area
– Visit to the Bedouin village of Al-Hayyat (Macaroni, Banya’s chicks, salads)
– Another visit to other therapeutic carbonaceous eyes (refrigeration means we work our account in Mayohat)
– Then visit the wonderful and wonderful crystal mountain
Then visit the obstacle area
– Visit the old white desert and Lee Hanshov in it (fossilized lime and rock shapes, including mushroom, perch, camel, rabbit… etc.)
– After nearly our sisters in the oases Haikunwa is equipped with a wonderful nomadic base on fire lights, candles, stars, and the moon Nakhd dinner
– Then back to the hotel and overnight

Day three:

After eating breakfast HunterMove to visit the archaeological areas
– Mummy’s Region
– Temple of Banyoti

The Temple of Alexander
– Then move to make purchases and products for the people of the oases (dates – natural olive oil – handicrafts
– Then back to Cairo after Manson we spent a journey, no more beautiful, no more wonderful, and our brains shed our worries.

The individual price in the double or triple room is 2600 EGP including all the above and there is no additional fee or anything paid during the trip except your private purchases or gifts

Note: The trip is not suitable for children under the age of six. If the customer insists on the presence of the children, they are accounted for as an ordinary individual (he has a seat by bus, has a seat by Land Cruiser, has a stay at the hotel, and has full meals)

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